23 June, 2007

Can you make money from blogging?

This is my first blog post written from my brand new MacBrook Pro using Windows LiveWriter via Vista. What a combination. So, what better topic to write about than a presentation I’m giving next week about blogging.

I’m presenting at the Online Marketing show next week and would like to solicit your opinion.

Please let me know what your thoughts are and I’ll naturally reference whatever tips etc. you provide.

When I ask the question ‘can you make money from blogging’, I’m not just talking about ads, I’m talking about how brands can leverage blogs to ‘make money’. Personally I think it’s mostly indirect/discrete brand awareness stuff but I’m very keen to hear what you think – however broad or narrow.

The title is purposely vague as I’m likely to modify my talk based on what people want on the day. Many thanks!

My talk is at 3pm on the June 26th. Feel free to drop by an heckle, so hope to see you there. Please let me know in advance if you’re going to be around.

I’ve also asked the question on Facebook.


3 Responses to “Can you make money from blogging?”

  1. David Evans 23 June 2007 at 10:55 pm #

    You can make money online from blogging. There are quite a few ways actually. I have a website set up that should be able to help you out. And its not just posting ads, there are some other things you can do..


  2. Liga Besere 24 June 2007 at 12:50 am #

    Yes, I think you can.

    As Tom Raftery mentioned in one of his posts (discussion part) companies can create a blog and use it for general suggestions, for example, if they produce/sell some make-up products they can write about how to take care of your skin, how to stay healthy, some beauty tips and hot make-up trends, and some company news. The blog have to avoid pushing company’s products but will get peoples attention by providing useful information. That way company will be able to show that it really cares.

  3. Chris Rawlinson 25 June 2007 at 1:43 pm #

    I look at blogs not as a direct revenue maker, but as a great indirect revenue generator. I’m sure a few people can make money direct from their blogs but at the moment these seem to be very rare.
    With new forms of social media marketing such as blogs, we can enable customers all over the world to interact with a brand or product like never before, and this interactivity helps create TRUST and LOYALTY, these are two key things that will make customers more likely to buy from you and keep coming back for more.
    To make all his happen you do need a plan that suits your business and then you need to stick to it.
    The best case study to use as far as I know seems to be Stormhoek wines and not just because I work with them but because the results are astounding. Even last week I personally had 3 large SA restaurant chains call me and ask about stocking the wine. They all had heard of Stormhoek through word of mouse, and the same thing has been happening in the UK and the USA.
    I have been providing a little input for a great friend of mine, Dave Duarte who has started a course teaching about social media marketing aimed for executives etc. Have a look at http://technomadicmarkets.com/



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