11 April, 2007

Lyro’s potential relies on Content Labels

lyro logoIn this Web 2.0 era almost every day we see some new entrepreneur coming up with new products and services on the net. Naturally some are good and some aren’t. It is also true to say that some entrepreneurs do come up with simple yet effective ideas. I consider Lyro (lee-ro) to be one of those ideas, but under the premise that it changes a few things.

Lyro is a service introduced by Workforce LLC. So what is Lyro all about? In general, Lyro offer you nothing but an online digital business card. This business card can contain all the necessary details needed for your primary business contact details. The only detail it doesn’t display online is your email address. This stops the possibility of getting spammed from abusers of the service.

The business card page comes with a secure messaging system, so people can get in contact with you. The only thing I didn’t like is the anonymity of the massage, I prefer to know who is sending me messages. According to our CEO, Paul Walsh, this could breach marketing best practices, at least in the UK.

So what is the difference between Lyro and any other Web site where you can store your contact details? For example MSN and Yahoo allows you to store your contact details and people can contact you without knowing your mail address. I think the main differentiator is the ability to search. Yahoo and MSN profiles aren’t searchable on the Web; on the other hand Lyro’s business cards are discoverable via mainstream search engines and from within it’s own site. Every word in your business card is a keyword.

live cardAt this moment Lyro business cards are stored in a sub-domain of Lyro. You can choose the name; even change it at anytime (subject to availability). Lyro promise to introduce the following features shortly:

  • Uploading a profile photo
  • Customizable card
  • Lyro badge

Honestly speaking, there is nothing so special about Lyro at this moment. But considering its potential with the proper use of Content labels, I have to say it has the potential to be something special – you could couple the business cards with Segala’s intention to introduce identity for companies online using Content Labels. With the use of FOAF profiles you could network friends of friends to build a powerful network. The combination of Content Labels and FOAF profiles would enable trust for people who make recommendations about friends.

So, Lyro is pretty simple as it stands today, but it could be a nice interface to company’s and individual’s identities online when coupled with Content Labels. Otherwise it will sadly be just another Web site that collects contact details for people.


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