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Know where your visitors come from?02 Mar

After reading a post on Dennis Howlett’s blog I decided to take a look at the statistics for our site on feedburner. Most of the keyword strings used by our visitors didn’t surprise me. However, some of them were more specific than usual and some gave me a giggle. One visitor in particular is obviously [...]

Blog tips #1 – displaying recent posts, comments and features28 Feb

Relying on plugins is a little unreliable so I’ll show you how to achieve the same functionality through tweaking some code. Don’t be afraid if you’re not used to tweaking code as I’ll make easy. I’ll also provide you with some support if you drop by with questions Displaying recent posts Most bloggers use third [...]

Building a corporate Web site using WordPress26 Feb

It’s nice to get some attention around the blogsphere after playing under the media radar for so long. It’s especially nice to have our site mentioned on WordPress.org. Thanks to Donncha at WordPress for the mention My motivation to write this post isn’t purely driven by ego. I want to highlight yet again to the [...]

Linking to source blog to raise your profile22 Feb

In this post, I’m going to explain what trackbacks are and how they can help you to maximise the outreach of your blog to attract more readers whilst increasing your blog’s status on Technorati. Bloggers like to talk about stuff that they’ve picked up from other blogs. If this is something you like to do, [...]

Add a voice to your blog post using Talkr20 Feb

Paul covered the recent sale of Talkr earlier this morning and it got me thinking about all the plugins, code tweaks, scripts and general tips that I’m going to publish to help other bloggers benefit from our experience in building an entire corporate Web site and blog using WordPress. So, where better to start than [...]
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Irish blog awards – fantastic viral marketing by default19 Feb

The Irish blog awards is getting unprecedented attention amongst the Irish blogsphere. Blogging about blog awards is obviously the most appropriate method of marketing for the awards, but it’s also the most powerful. The power of blogging doesn’t stop there, I believe blogging can be equally compelling as an additional tool in the marketer’s holster [...]

Setup company that will sell to blogs – 10 steps07 Feb

We’ve been getting quite a few pingbacks coming from foreign blogs lately. They cover countries such as Germany, Isral, France and Spain. We can be forgiven for not understanding what they’re saying about us. But can we be forgiven for not understanding a blog based in Ireland just because it’s written in Irish? Sorry Conn. [...]


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